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Customer Feedback

With the touch of an emoji, customers provide information on how they feel about your brand. Echo is the best way to measure customer satisfaction because it is a discreet way of collecting customer feedback without interference from 3rd parties.

Echo generates tangible data that can be used to better inform companies’ marketability, business decisions and improve customer satisfaction.

Turn Insights Into

Analytics powered by artificial intelligence with a built-in sentiment analysis and natural language processing.

Echo will be able to accurately identify and predict emotional patterns of customers and provide insights on how these patterns can affect or improve sales through business intelligence.

Design With Everyone
In Mind

The app is designed to cater to companies regardless of size. From large conglomerates to startup businesses.

Improve Customer
Retention With Actionable

We’ve built an all in one apporoach of helping bussiness get the best transformational feedback from thier customers.

Analytics based on user interactions and feedbacks right from all your trusted customers. All features built is meant to create an actionable approcoach to customer rententions.

Our Customers

Companies like yours trust Echo to power their customer retention and engagement

Accra City Hotel


Total Petroleum

Tanink Group

Luna Rooftop

Buka Restaurant

Echo Features

Collect feedback in a fun simple way

Offline Functionality

For situations where the devices cannot have an always-on network connectivity. Valuable data should not be lost

Get closer to your customers

Satisfied customers help grow your business. Improve the customer experience by engaging satisfied customers and probing further with disgruntled customers to provide better service delivery. Turn your customer feedback into

Actionable Analytics powered by Artificial Intelligence

Analytics enables you to research trends and pinpoint exact times and places of service decline.
Using the AI-powered analytics you can analyze your past and current performance, and make more informed improvement decisions for the future.

What customers love about us.

Companies of all sizes and structure use echo to help understand their customers and their pain points in using their services

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Joseph Kiipo
UX Designer - The Design Hub Ghana

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James Arthur
Head Customer Relation - Coca Cola

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